The Pakistani transport industry has a very shaky history with its safety records. Pakistan makes it to the top of the list for most road accidents recorded in a 10 year period, with the daily average being 15 deaths in road related accidents per day. This combined with the hazardous nature of the load we carry on a daily basis makes it very necessary for us to make safety a top-most priority. Therefore, safety has been one of the earliest and most consistent promises which HGGC made to its clients when we first started, and we have been able to deliver on that promise fully. At HGGC we make sure that all the safety boxes are checked at all times. We take all kinds of measure necessary for our safety checks to be complete at all times; these measures include:

Our fleet, which consists of the latest model vehicles (none older than 2006) which are well equipped and well maintained.

The prime movers (cabins) are all manufactured at highly technical facilities of Daewoo, and the tanks and trailers are all made up-to the ADR TL standards which are American standards of safety.

Two Haulier bases in Karachi and Gujrat (near Multan) which we run ourselves and which have all the facilities necessary for.

  • Both preventive as well as periodic maintenance of the vehicles
  • Driver accommodation
  • A fuel retriever unit
  • Journey management facilities