As mirrored by our values, we take great pride in being a socially responsible business. We are involved in many CSR activities around the country.


One of our attempts at giving back to the community is to focus on the medical sector. There is a big cross-section of the population which cannot afford access to quality healthcare.

Therefore, we make sure to help out in whatever way we can by donating towards medical bills of deserving individuals, holding blood donation drives, helping medical care to reach far-flung areas and many more initiatives in the same direction.


Today’s young are the future of tomorrow, and we feel it is our responsibility to invest in this future so they can take our country to newer heights

HGGC funds a number of scholarships for needy students who require just the financial push to have a brighter future, along with sponsoring schools for books and other required material so that deserving students can complete their education and go on to achieve great things.


A greener country is a healthier country. We love our country Pakistan and would love for it to become the most beautiful country on the planet.

To achieve this ambition, we invest in a green Pakistan by encouraging our own employees to take part in planting more greenery, holding plantation drives, investing in pollution awareness and elimination campaigns and making sure in our own personal lives that we do our part to lessen pollution and make Pakistan green.