“If a person thing that thing he know everything then it’s their foolishness. I as a person learn all the time, with everything and anytime till death.“

Mr Rao Muhammad Saghir


CEO's Message

Some of the most important things in business are integrity, honesty, loyalty and customer service. HGGC has all of these and more. We believe in doing business on ethical grounds, delivering superior quality with dignity. Our business has thrived in the face of a tumultuous industry solely because the client is our first priority and we ensure to always deliver excellent customer service. This is the main reason our revenues have grown by 100 times since we started operations as HGGC.

In Pakistan, the oil marketing and transport industry has not had a great past with difficulties with legislation, circular debt and safety statistics, but with CPEC and proper law enforcement things are looking up. Professionalism, safety culture and adherence to technical standards are on the rise in the industry. HGGC, as the pioneer of these values, prides itself on its flawless and quick delivery services. We are one of the largest fleet operators in Pakistan with a state of the art fleet, a great system for keeping track of drivers and vehicles, and a no-excuses approach to safety.

CEO's Message

The Haji Gul Group of companies was established with the goal of transforming the energy transportation industry. From our beginning 32 years ago, our focus has been on innovation and safety in energy transport. We at HGGC have always prided ourselves at our commitment to being the pioneers in the energy transportation industry with safety and security as our paramount concern. Navigating the transportation industry in Pakistan takes a lot of hard work and an innovative way of thinking. As compared to other developed countries, we are very behind this sector due to the absence of supportive infrastructure and lack of support from the government bodies. However, there has been an improvement in government legislation in recent times which is a positive sign for us.

Our philosophy at work is equality in every way. Our staff is highly trained in their trade and the management team is committed to making this company the best in the industry in every way. We have a large HR department which ensures that there is no discrimination and that everyone is treated equally. With our top notch fleet, highly educated staff, transparent systems and following the highest of international safety standards and protocols, we hope to stay true to our promise to excelling in delivering quality transportation solutions for the energy needs of Pakistan to keep it running.

Mr Shad Ahmed




Mr. Rao Tauseef is a seasoned professional who has been a part of the industry for over 20 years. His leadership and input have been vital to HGGC’s success with his expertise in business operations. His specialized focus is on vehicle, journey and driver management including management of Hauler Bases. Mr. Rao Tauseef is a graduate of the University of Karachi with a Bachelor in Arts.



Mr. Rao Umair holds an MBA from ILMA University in Marketing Management. He has been associated with the company for 10 years and has been a key instrument in corporate affairs. His areas of expertise include client and corporate dealing and financial planning. Mr. Rao Umair also responsible for heading HR management in the company.



Mr. Usman Afridi has graduated from the University of Karachi with a Bachelor degree in Arts. He has been a key part of HGGC ever since he joined the company. His guidance and leadership have been pivotal in shaping the business and bringing it to where it stands today. Mr. Usman Afridi specializes in business operations and day-to-day management.

Sr. Manager Operation