To push boundaries, Challenge conformity and deliver better service.


In Pakistan, Data from the past 10 years shows an average of 15 deaths per day in Pakistan due to transportation-related accidents. Thus, we adhere strictly to international safety guidelines and protocols. Our vehicles all follow ADR TL safety standards which are American standards for tank and trailer safety.

Top-notch Fleet

Our fleet is always well maintained and kept up to date, the vehicles are well managed with complete documentation. Our fleet consists of top-of-the-line well-maintained vehicles, none of which is a model lower than 2006.

Education & Training

We place a high emphasis on education and literacy. Our drivers are literate and trained fully and properly. Our business staff is formally educated and knows the ins and outs of modern day business, which enables our success day after day.

Client Relationship

One of our core values is to establish lasting relationships with clients based on strong communication and correspondence. At HGGC, client takes priority over all else and we strive to make our clients happy with our services no matter what hurdles we face along the way.


We believe in conducting all of our deals in a morally and ethically correct manner and with our clients’ trust. Conducting business in an ethical manner allows both our employees and our clients to be assured of our dependability

Socially Responsible

Social responsibility is also one of our core values, which is evident by our CSR initiatives. HGGC feels especially strongly about the medical, education (scholarships, etc.) and environmental sectors, hence we focus our CSR activities towards these as well